Please help us at Ganesha Bookshop to support local schools, libraries and charitable organisations in Bali by donating books purchased on our website (click here) or in our stores in Bali.

Our aim is to foster literacy, learning and a love of reading throughout the Balinese Community. Customers can purchase books at the store or on-line and ask for the purchase to be donated to the school or library of their choice.

For children we recommend dictionaries, picture books, stories, folktales and children's books for ages 4 to 12 years. We have a selection of bilingual (Indonesian/English), Bahasa Indonesian and English books from which to choose.

For young people in high school we recommend dictionaries, non-fiction, and Indonesian fiction, poetry and prose.

For adults in rehabilitation we recommend Indonesian Fiction, Poetry and Prose.

We are currently donating books to:

  • Yayasan Yowana Sastra (Elementary through to Adults)
  • Bungaya Library in the foothills of Gunung Aguna Volcano
  • Window to the World Elementary School in Lovina North Bali
  • Perpustakaan Lilawista Widya, East Bali
  • SD 4 Bedulu, Blahbatuh, Gianyar
  • SD Saraswati Sukawati (Elementary School)
  • TK Sandi Kresna (Kindergarten) /A.D.E.D.V.I Organisation
  • TK & SD Patas (Kindergarten & Elementary School Patas)
  • Kalisada Children's Library Project in Seririt North Bali
  • Coba Baca Library in Lovina North Bali
  • Ginantri Foundation : School and Orphanage in Gianyar
  • Bali Children's Project 13 Kindergartens: 6 Kindergartens in Singaraja, 1 in Bangli, 1 in Karangasem, 2 in Tegalalang and 3 in Ubud
  • Kelabang Moding Elementary School
  • SD2 Pejeng Elementary School
  • SD3 Bongkasa Elementary School
  • SD4 Singapadu Kaler Elementary School
  • SD2 Samu Singapadu Elementary School
  • Pondok Pekak Library and Learning Centre
  • SMP Negeri 2 Ubud - Junior High School
  • Jembatan Senang (The Happy Bridge)

TK (Kindergarten) PATAS & SD (Elementary School) PATAS

PATAS is a small village situated about 45 minutes North East of Ubud in the sub-district of Tegallalang. It is primarily a farming community growing rice, coffee, cocoa, fruit and vegetables. The village received a small grant from the government to start a kindergarten and the money each year seems to decrease. The Elementary school has over 120 children attending and there is a small library on the premises. But both the Kindergarten and the Elementary school are in desperate need of new books to put in their very stark bookshelves. Please consider helping this small village in their efforts to educate their children.

Sd Saraswati Sukawati (Elementary School)

This school is situated in the village of Sukawati. They have a comprehensive English lesson program and so books in English are welcome. Classes 1, 2 and 3 receive English lessons 4 times per week. Classes 4, 5 and 6 receive 5 hours per week. Usually the Indonesian teachers are accompanied by a native English speaker for these lessons. As it is a fairly new school, they are really lacking in good reading material. Please help us to help this school fill their library shelves with lots of good books in both English and Indonesian.

TK Sandi Kresna (Kindergarten) /A.D.E.D.V.I Organisation

This wonderful kindergarten in Tampaksiring (13 km from Ubud) has been named as the best kindergarten in Gianyar regency. Using the Montessori method of teaching/learning, this kindergarten is also based on the Indonesian national curriculum. Regular volunteers help out at the kindergarten and each day the school is filled with eager children wishing to learn more and delve into the books in the library. Please help up us assist them in their endeavours to continue providing quality kindergarten classes for these Balinese children in Tampaksiring.

Kalisada Children's Library Project

This project is part of a wider education project in North Bali by Bali Hearts Organisation - a small group of dedicated individuals who are actively helping disadvantaged children to continue with their education. There is a severe lack of access to books in this area of Bali so Kalisada Children's Library will address this problem. The local children will be able to visit the library after school and borrow books each week. Activities such as story telling, book making etc are also planned.

Coba Baca Library Lovina

This is an amazing library for Balinese children in Lovina, North Bali. This library has 1700 members and growing! It is in need of bilingual books for the younger children but also books in Bahasa Indonesia for the older children and adults who attend the library. Coba Baca is also actively assisting children in Lovina with their education by providing courses in English, Dutch, Indonesian, Commputer Skills, Drama and Handicrafts. This library will become a real focal point for education in North Bali.

Yayasan Peduli Kemanusiaan (YPK)

Yayasan Peduli Kemanusiaan is also known as the Bali Humanity Care Foundation and it is dedicated to supporting children and adults with physical disabilities, with a particular focus on those who come from disadvantaged backgrounds. These people have a range of conditions including cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, congenital physical abnormalities and those suffered the effects of illness and accidents. In 2010 YPK started an Informal Education Program and there are currently 25 children who attend the program and receive an academic and/or life skills based education. They are very low on resources and in particular story books in Bahasa Indonesian.

SMP Negeri 2 Ubud/Ubud 2 Junior High School

Smp Negeri 2 Ubud is a very progressive school with a very committed teaching staff. The school was recently awared the Green Award 2012 for its dedication to Environmental issues, particularly in the areas of recycling, tree planting and the school policy of not allowing children to ride motorbikes to school - only bicycles. They are constantly looking for ways to improve their environment and are also committed to a very progressive way of teaching. The school is in need of novels in Indonesian as well as dictionaries and atlases and books on the environment.

SD 3 Pejeng Elementary School

This school had an unused building on site that was renovated and now houses the school library. As it is so new, it is in urgent need of books to fill the waiting shelves. The students are all keen learners and have asked for books that not only will explain the world outside Bali but also help them to face the challenges that they will face in the future i.e. climate change, resource development etc. Sd Pejeng is committed to developing a great reading habit amongst the school population.

SD4 Singapadu Elementary School

This school is situated in the small village of Belang and is very remote. It accommodates around 200 pupils from Grade 1 to 6. There is a small library in the school but it owns very few books. SD4 urgently requires more books and other reading materials to provide a vital part of the students' education in literacy and language. In the picture here you can see the Books for Bali Project Book Plate inserted into the library book. This book was donated by one of our supportive customers.

SD2 Samu Singapadu Kaler

Our newest addition to the Books for Bali Project. This lovely little school is a pet project of Made Rohani, manager of Ganesha Bookshop. She and her friends at the Banjar Saraswati have built a new library in this school and each week donate their time to assist the school in extra-curricular activities, such as English Reading lessons etc. They are in need of your support! Please donate books to fill their new shelves.

Pondok Pekak Libaray and Resource Centre

Pondok Pekak Library, on the east side of the soccerfield in Ubud, has been working tirelessly to foster education, literacy and learning amongst the young people of the village of Ubud. The library has a wonderful collection of both Indonesian and English Books as well as games and puzzles. It runs with a committed group of volunteers and is open three afternoons a week.

The Bali Children's Project (Escaping Poverty Through Education)

Books for Bali Project is supporting BCP's Libraries program. BCP aim to renovate and re-equip school libraries throughout Bali. Together we aim to make these libraries engaging spaces for children to learn to love books. We also aim to train librarians and keep new books flowing on to the shelves. BCP also runs several Pre-schools and Kindergartens in outlying areas and we are sending boxes of books up to these children on a regular basis. To read more about this project:

Jembatan Senang (The Happy Bridge)

This project began in 2009 by a Dutch foundation. Jembatan Senang aims to help as many intellectually disabled children and their parents in the East of Bali as they can. They organise day-care for these children and take them on many outings as possible. This is a small dedicated group of Dutch retirees who give their all to these children trying to give them the tools they need for a better future. We would like to donate some picture books to create a small library for these children. Please consider donating books to Jembatan Senang - The Happy Bridge.

Window to the World School Library Kalibukbuk North Bali

This school in Kalibukbuk, North Bali is dedicated to making good quality education available to underprivilaged children in the north of Bali. They are dedicated to give children a life-long love of learning so they will be best prepared to meet future challenges, overcome discrimination and break through the cycle of poverty. They run a playgroup, kindergarten, elementary school, extended education programs, a public library, art education and community outreach. Let’s support them by the donation of good quality books for the blossoming library.